Introduce new clients to Macro Equities and enjoy unmatched benefits

What Is an Introducing Broker (IB)?

An Introducing Broker is an individual or an organization acting as an agent to introduce new clients to brokers.

In other words, introducing brokers are the intermediary between the clients and the brokers earning income based on a commission fee from their clients.

How does Introducing Brokers program work?

Introducing brokers refer clients to Macro Equities and receive rebates for each transaction in the market executed by their referrals. Our Introducing Broker system offers attractive rebates, adjustable commission rate options, and a long-lasting relationship at Macro Equities with exclusive strategies and mutual trust.

IBs earn rewards for expanding their network and guiding clients through the markets. The higher the trading volume of the clients, the higher the rebates you’ll get!

Benefits of Being a Macro Equities Introducing Broker

The competitive and customizable rebate program

Cashback right to your brokerage account through attractive and flexible rebate plans

Utilize your network for a satisfying passive income

You receive rebates for each transaction per customer

Outstanding and exclusive technological tools

Monitor rebates and account activity via the IB Panel

5/24 professional support from experts

We get positive customer reviews from all around the world

Support of a reputable brand

Macro Equities offers full support to IBs, such as material support workshops

How to become an Introducing Broker (IB) at Macro Equities?

If you have a client network and you want to expand your trading horizons with a reliable partner, we are happy to offer advantageous packages.

To become an Introducing Broker at Macro Equities, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will be in touch as soon as your application is evaluated and offer you a tailored package.

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