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We want to keep our clients well-informed and knowledgeable at Macro Equities while they enjoy trading and broaden their investment horizons. Our wide range of e - books covers important topics with insightful tips for traders.Whether you are a beginner at investing looking to understand the basics or an advanced trader searching for new strategies, you'll enjoy e-books that enrich your investment journey on Macro Equities.

Chart Patterns

Charts are the language enabling you to understand markets. Presenting market data visually and providing CFD traders with quick analytical tools, charts possess crucial information all traders must know how to interpret. Once you read this e - book, you will be able to:

  • Identify short/long-term forecasts

  • Capture market sentiment

  • Prepare for unexpected outcomes

  • Determine entry points

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The candlestick is among the most popular chart types that provide data similar to a bar chart, but colors make it easier to understand the market direction. A filled block means the closing price of a certain currency pair is lower than the opening price.An empty block indicates the opposite; in that case, the closing price is higher.By reading this book, you will learn about:

  • How to read candlesticks

  • Recognizing trend reversals

  • Common candlestick types and their meanings

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Strategy Building

A variety of solid strategies can give you the upper hand in the markets. Following a trial and error method can be costly when deciding on your strategy. Instead, come up with a good plan before trading. Fundamental and technical analysis will help you develop strategies for various market circumstances.This e - book has been prepared to help you understand the following points..

  • Can you trust CFD experts?

  • How does global news affect the market?

  • How to trade with the trend?

  • Proven strategies and their applications

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Moving Averages

Moving averages are one of the basic technical trading indicators that help traders identify trends. There are two common types of moving averages: the simple moving average and the exponential moving average.This e-book will provide you with information on:

  • How to read moving averages

  • Short moving average and the exponential moving average

  • How to use the normal moving average

  • How to apply moving averages to the chart

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Pivot Point

A pivot point reflects changes in market sentiment and determines overall trends across a time period. Traders mainly use pivot points to calculate alternative support and resistance levels. The use of such reference points helps determine when to enter the market, place stops, and take profits. This e-book thoroughly explains:

  • What pivot points are and how to use them

  • How to identify pivot points on charts

  • How to form strategies based on pivot points

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Reversal Patterns

Timing is the key in CFD trading. To determine entry points, traders often look for signs or patterns on trading charts to predict when such a trend reversal might occur. Detecting an emerging trend as early as possible enables traders to take an appropriate position at the right time.This e-book covers:

  • How to spot a trend reversal

  • Important trend reversal patterns

  • Momentum loss & momentum gain

  • Deciding on an entry point based on reversal patterns

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